Thursday, October 11, 2007

What Kind Of Mother Am I?

Great picture, huh? Looks staged, doesn’t it? Well it’s not. It was actually a “Oh my gosh... that is so cute... I have to run and get the camera” moment. That’s just the kind of daddy my hubby is. After a LONG (6:30am-8pm) day supporting the family, he comes home and is on the floor with the kids. That’s why they stay up past 10pm. That’s why I homeschool.

So speaking of fathering... let’s get to mothering. Remember the Meyers-Briggs personality test? Are you kidding me? My mom and sister got into that years ago and proceeded to put everyone they knew into boxes, based on what type of personality they are.

My Mom: “Well, he’s definitely an ESTP.” (explaining the reason why someone would act a certain way)

My Sister: “Of course you would think that, you’re an INFJ.

Now there is a site that tells you what your mothering style is based on your Myers-Briggs Personality Results. I totally stole this from Chou Chou at Seeking Sprout.

INFJ - The “Know Thyself” Mother

(Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging)

“I believe the joy of motherhood is self-discovery—for them and for me.”

* Sensitive and family-focused, the INFJ mother looks for and encourages the unique potential of each child. Self-knowledge may be her byword. Her aim is to help each child develop a sense of identity and cultivate personal growth. In fact, she may value the mothering experience as a catalyst to her own personal growth and self-knowledge.

* The INFJ mother spends time observing and understanding each child. She is drawn to intimate conversations and seeks a free exchange of feelings and thoughts.

* Sympathetic and accommodating, the INFJ mother strives to meet the important yet sometimes conflicting needs of each family member in harmonious and creative ways

* She is conscientious and intense as well. Probably no one takes life and child-raising more seriously than the INFJ. She approaches mothering as a profession requiring her best self.

Wow, makes me sound good, doesn’t it? Actually I think it describes me pretty well. (underneath the crusty, sarcastic exterior of course.)

Know your Meyers-Briggs score and want to check out your mothering style? (assuming you are a woman) Click Here.


On a completely unrelated topic.... my mom emailed me this morning. She wanted to know how I was doing because she hadn’t heard from me in a while. Go read my blog, Mom. I don’t have time to update each individual person on my life. In fact, I should just tell everyone who asks how I’m doing to go read my blog. Would save some time, wouldn’t it? Maybe I could make a business card that says that so I don’t even have to speak, and maybe have my email automatically reply that message to everyone who writes me. Do we really need personal contact with anyone anymore? Maybe I’ll put that in my annual Christmas letter....

Too lazy to write out a Christmas letter this year... if you want to know how we’re doing, go read my blog.

Yes, I think I’ll do that.

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