Thursday, October 4, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

I’ve been tagged by my good friend Blaine. So now it’s my turn. Here goes.

Four Things About Me:

Jobs I’ve Had:

  1. 1.Data Entry Specialist for Southern States Utilities

  2. 2.Recreational Therapist

  3. 3.Rec. Therapy Consultant

  4. 4.Homeschooling Mama

Places I’ve Lived: (which happens to be the ONLY places I’ve lived)

  1. 1.Orlando, Florida

  2. 2.Tallahassee, Florida

  3. 3.Burbank, California

  4. 4.Los Angeles, California

Food I love:

  1. 1. Pizza

  2. 2. Pasta

  3. 3.Dark Chocolate

  4. 4. Does Dr. Pepper count as a food?

Websites I Visit:

  1. 1.People

  2. 2.TMZ (also referred to as “my crack” by my husband)

  3. 3.Perez Hilton (yes I have no shame)

  4. 4.The blogs of all my bloggy friends.

Places I’d Rather Be:

  1. 1.Yosemite, CA

  2. 2.Ireland

  3. 3.England

  4. 4.British Columbia

Movies I Love:

  1. 1.Predator

  2. 2.Young Guns

  3. 3.Any Harry Potter Movie

  4. 4. A Mighty Wind/Best in Show (or any Christopher Guest movie)

TV Shows I Watch:

  1. 1.Little People Big World

  2. 2.LA Ink

  3. 3.Dirty Jobs

  4. 4.Mythbusters

People I Tag:

  1. 1.Jamie

  2. 2.Chandra

  3. 3.Paige

  4. 4. Yemi

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