Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Think I Have A Problem

A Dr. Pepper problem. I’ve always loved “the juice”. Nectar of the gods, I say. I’ve gone through various times in my life where I’ve abstained and other times when I haven’t. Clearly when I lost the 70 pounds, I wasn’t drinking Dr. Pepper. Now I’m drinking it again. I’m not happy with the calories that go along with it, but I’m not super motivated to quit. It’s just so good. I googled “Dr. Pepper Addiction” and got over 95 thousand results of people talking about their Dr. Pepper Addictions. It’s not just me. There’s something in there that makes us come back for more. I was wondering if they made some sort of Dr. Pepper “patch” like they have the nicotine patch. Maybe that’s how I can finally kick this habit. And the picture above.... that’s just the way I prefer it. In fountain drink form. Not in a can, not in a bottle... in a fountain drink. And being the Dr. Pepper connoisseur that I am, there are certain fast food restaurants that have better Dr. Pepper than others. Must be the carbonated water/syrup ratio. Marshall also knows when he picks me up a drink on the way home that there are only certain places he can go to get me a “good” Dr. Pepper. Jack-in-the Box, Wendy’s, In-and-Out, Arbys and Wienershnitzel all have great Dr. Pepper. El Pollo Loco sometimes does, sometimes doesn’t and is often out of it anyway. Other places either don’t have good Dr. P or they don’t carry it. I’m of the mindset that if you’re going to ingest the calories... you better make sure it’s worth it, by getting really good Dr. Pepper.

I’m even willing to exercise and cut down on my food consumption, just to allow myself to continue my Dr. Pepper habit. Yeah that’s me with the protein bar and the extra large Dr. Pepper for lunch. They balance each other out right?

I’m trying to come up with a solution that will let me have my “cake” and eat it too (or so to speak). So far, the best solution I can come up with, is to have Marshall attend some sort of educational photoshop seminar. That way I can keep drinking my Dr. Pepper and he can learn how to photoshop out my double chin and back fat. Oh, and elongate my neck and make me look 15 pounds lighter.

Yep, that’s much more likely than me giving up my Dr. Pepper.

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  1. Yes. You are not alone.
    Dr. P. all the way.