Sunday, September 16, 2007

Not So Happy Birthday To Me

To be honest, I’ve had kind of a stinky week. Today, unfortunately, tops it off. It’s my birthday today. I’m 33. The number “3” has been my favorite number since Kindergarden. I have three kids. I have three inside cats. My oldest son was born at 3:33pm. I LOVE the number “3”. So even though I don’t like getting older... I was kind of looking forward to turning 33. A lucky birthday, huh? Not so much.

Marshall has been working a lot lately. I didn’t see him Friday night until 11pm and he worked yesterday until 10pm. He had planned a big, fun-filled day for my birthday, but unfortunately, he was told on the way out the door last night (at 10pm) that... oh by the way... he has to work today. (even though he told them previously that no matter what, he could NOT work today) Oh well. That’s life in the business. The big important producers don’t care that my birthday is today. Oh yeah? Well I’m going to show them.... I’ll make sure I don’t see their movie when it comes out. Yeah, that will make them sorry, I’m sure. So I have no idea what Marshall was planning, but I know it was supposed to be good... and this morning he had to cancel everything. Sniff, sniff.

So, I’m home today with the kids. I’ll probably run some errands today because honestly I have no reason not to. Might as well be semi-productive during my pity party. I miss my hubby though. And he’ll be working late again tonight.

I do actually have a couple of things to keep me busy today (besides the kids of course). At midnight last night (since it was officially my birthday), Marshall gave me my birthday present. An iPod Classic. It’s got 80 GB, which is plenty of room for music, pictures and movies. And he also had one of those 9 cookie bouquets delivered to me yesterday. Now if I could just figure out how to eat those cookies without the kids noticing, cause I’m not sharing. “Look kids, a dancing monkey!!!”. Ok, maybe not.

On the up side... today is also Mexico Independence Day. Millions of Mexicans are getting drunk today, celebrating my birthday. I’m right there with you, Mexico.

Viva la independencia mi cumpleanos.

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