Friday, September 7, 2007

The Fun Ends Monday

Haven starts school on Monday. Since I am his teacher, that essentially means all the free time I have been enjoying all summer is quickly coming to an end. Of the long list of things I hoped to accomplish before school started, I maybe have finished two things. I do technically have a couple more days to accomplish more on the list, but who am I kidding? I’m not going to do anything else on the list. I need to savor each and every last minute of my free time that I have left, which means sitting here updating my blog rather than doing something productive on my “to do” list.

I did however go through all the 2nd grade curriculum, noting the number of lessons each subject had in order to determine if we would tackle that subject daily or weekly. Subjects such as Math, Bible, Grammar and Reading will be visited daily, while Latin, Geography, Art and others will be once a week. Did I say Latin in 2nd grade???? Yep. The particular curriculum I follow introduces Latin in 2nd grade. And why not? I suffered through studied Latin in grade school. The least I can do is pass on the torture knowledge to my son. Totally kidding! I enjoyed Latin. It made learning Spanish much easier for me. Plus, who can deny the greatest benefit of knowing Latin... the understanding of all those nifty magic wand spells from Harry Potter, like “reparo” for fixing broken things and “incendio” for setting things on fire.


Um, I took a break from writing in this post and have since been kicked in the ear by one of my sons. (don’t ask) I am fine (I think) but have muffled hearing, slight throbbing and dizziness and actually can’t think of anything to add to my post. Not to mention that sitting up at my computer is currently not working out so well for me. Am going to lie down now... have a good weekend everyone!

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