Friday, August 31, 2007

Has It Been Eleven Years???

Happy Anniversary to my darling husband! As you are hard at work saving lives making movies, I’m sitting at home eating bon bons running errands with the kids. I did, however order one of those big cookie bouquets for you that will be arriving sometime today. (pictured above) You know, the best cookies in the whole wide world, that you ask for, for every holiday and give me for my birthday and Mother’s Day, just so we can split them? The cookies that are so good that we hog them for ourselves instead of sharing with the kids. Oh yes, the kids don’t even ask anymore... they know they can’t have these. Oh... and just so you know... there are only 7 cookies in the bouquet pictured, but I ordered a NINE cookie bouquet. I’m pretty sure you would not accept less than a nine cookie bouquet. And I did make sure I picked the design that looked like it had the most icing on it. Because we both know, the more icing... the better the cookie.

Wow... eleven years today! I can’t believe it has been so long, yet I can’t really picture my life without you. And we vowed on our wedding day that we would never have kids. Ha. You and I both know how that turned out. Better than we could have imagined! I’d marry you again in a heartbeat.

So... today is Friday and you know what that means... It’s family pizza/movie night. So we can snuggle just a little closer on the couch while we eat our pizza and watch “Tarzan” with the kids.

But it is our anniversary, for goodness sake. So... tonight... after the kids are in bed.... and we get some privacy... you know what’s gonna happen next? Oh, you know it! Woo hoo!


I can hardly wait!!!

Happy Anniversary, my love.

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