Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bragging Time

Ok, I’ve just got to brag. Marshall has not been working much all summer. No, wait. I’m not bragging about that... just wait. I’ll get to it! So since he hasn’t been working much all summer, he has had tons of time to spend with me and the kids. We had been really spoiled, having him around so much and we loved having all the time together as a family.

After we got back from Florida, Marshall started working again. So much so that he was working yesterday (Saturday) and will be working next Saturday as well. According to his work schedule, he should be busy until after Thanksgiving. It’s great for our pocketbook, but we sure do miss him! Well, Haven has been telling me for the past few days that he HAD to make a card for Daddy because Daddy has been working so hard. Each day went by and we would get distracted and then forget all about the card until after Marshall would come home from work.

Well yesterday at around 5pm, Haven yelled, “MAMA!!! We have to make the card right now! Daddy will be home in two hours! We need to hurry!” I’m not quite sure how long he was expecting the card-making to take, but I was fairly certain we had plenty of time. Anyway, I asked Haven what color paper he wanted. “Blue, because it’s Daddy’s favorite color.” So I handed him the paper and some markers, and the above card is what he came up with. And yes, he came up with it all on his own. That’s apparently what he wanted to say to his Daddy.

The mom in me appreciates how big his heart is, and the teacher in me is impressed at how well he formed his letters after going all summer without writing. He’s definitely ready to start 2nd grade in two weeks.

On the other side are hearts... one for each member of our family with the first initial of our names inside. My scanner apparently didn’t like Seamus and Marlie’s hearts too well because it cut them off.

Haven placed the card on the dining room table, so Marshall would see it as soon as he walked in the house. He then cleaned up all the toys in the family room (no small feat) because he knows Daddy loves when the room is all clean. As he heard Marshall drive up, Haven said to me, “Act natural, Mama. Act natural, Ok? Don’t tell him about the card.” I’m not really sure I know what that means, because I’m pretty sure I’ve never “acted natural”, but that’s beside the point.

Anyway, I’m bragging about my biggest boy and his even bigger heart. I’m proud to have him as my son. Judging by the huge 5 minute hug between Haven and his Daddy after Marshall saw the card, I’d say Marshall feels the same way.

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