Sunday, July 8, 2007

What's Next?

Yesterday I did something I have never done before. I gave all three kids a haircut. I’ve been cutting Haven’s hair for years, but never thought I could handle layers or anything more complicated than VERY short. (the way Haven prefers his hair)

When Seamus was about 18 months, I gave him a little trim by trimming the curls. Nothing fancy, but good enough. When it came time for him to have regular haircuts, I started going to one of those fancy kid salons. The kind where they sit in a little car on the pedestal and have a TV with cartoons at each station. They have fun murals all over the walls and floor and the kids get a balloon and lollipop at the end. Since I was having them cut Seamus’ hair, I just made appointments for Haven too.

After about three consecutive haircuts at the fancy shmancy kid place, Haven decided to have a little talk with me. He made it clear that he did NOT want to go back. He wanted me to cut his hair. I could not for the life of me figure out why he would willingly give up the chance to get a lollipop and balloon for an hour haircut by me. (hey I’m a perfectionist, not professionally trained and I don’t use electric clippers!) He explained that he liked the time with me and liked how it feels to have me cut his hair. Well how can I argue with that??? So then of course Seamus saw me cutting big brother’s hair and declared that he wanted me to cut his hair too. I ventured into cutting layers and satisfied with the result, agreed to continue cutting his hair. I had now cut Seamus’ hair three times and felt I could do a decent job.

Now about Marlie: She had never had a haircut before, and at 18 months had a LOT of hair. It was starting to be really dry and tangly on the ends, so I figured she was due for a trim. With the confidence of successfully cutting the boys’ hair, I decided I could cut her hair too.

So yesterday I did a marathon of hair cutting and cut all of the kids hair. As you can imagine, I had tiny little hairs stuck all over me and the kids. ITCHY ITCHY! Haven’s hair is short, just like he likes it. I left Seamus’ hair long enough to be crazy, just like we like it. I also did a small trim on Marlie’s hair. All three kids happily modeled their new haircuts for me (see pics above). And no I did not give Haven the big ol’ bruise on his forehead.

There’s only one thing that bothers me: I homeschool and now I cut all my kids’ hair. What’s next? Wearing a head covering and making all their clothes? (no insults intended for clothes-making, head covering-wearing mothers out there)

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