Friday, July 20, 2007

Outfoxing The Fox

Oh that’s one happy girl, there in the picture! Along with her super fun fingerpainting with poo hobby, Marlie started a new activity to keep her busy when she wakes up in her crib. The last couple of days when I walked into her room to get her up, I found little white shredded pieces of something all over her crib, on the floor and in her hair. I thought she must have been pulling the stuffing out of one of her stuffed animals, but they were all intact. Well yesterday I had an “aHA” moment. I realized what the shredded pieces are. She is reaching in and pulling out pieces of the INSIDE of her diaper. What the heck? This is one busy girl! And of course she is very quiet while she is doing this so I have no idea she is even awake, let alone wreaking havoc. So when she has poo in the diaper, she explores the poo. When she has no poo, she pulls out the insides of her diaper and shreds them.

I decided it is time to outfox the fox. There was a time when I thought putting her in one-piece shorts outfits would discourage the behavior. Silly me! She can still access the diaper through the pant legs. Well, this time I mean business. Today I purchased a couple of footed sleepers. From now on, she will wear this little uniform for every nap and to bed every night. No matter that we are in the middle of summer in Los Angeles. She leaves me no choice.

If this doesn’t work, I think the next step is putting her to bed in a straight jacket. Kidding!

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