Thursday, July 19, 2007


I think I have a problem. I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately, and my family is suffering. I have “Harry-itis”. I’ve done a little research on the internet, and this is what I came up with...

Harry-itis: The compulsion to read, watch and play (Xbox360) Harry Potter all day, every day. (Ok, so I totally made that up.)

It all started two weeks ago, when I noticed that the opening date of the latest Harry Potter movie (based on book #5) was fast approaching. As I like to do every time a new HP movie is being released, I decided to re-read the corresponding book so I could refresh the story in my mind. So I’ve been fast and furiously re-reading the book. That is no easy task, since it happens to be almost 900 pages long. Shortly after I started re-reading the book, Marshall surprised me with the new Xbox360 game version of the book. Then I was splitting my free time between the game and the book. I finished the book, though I’m still working on the game. My Xbox360 told me I was 83% finished with the game, when I stopped playing last night.

Monday evening, like I mentioned in the previous post, Marshall and I saw the new HP movie. That left me in a quandary. I just finished book #5, but book #7 is coming out in days. I read book #6 way back in 2005, which means I’ve forgotten much of the details. Do I just skip from reading book #5 to reading book #7? What am I, nuts? Of course I can’t do that. So... now I’m reading book #6 again, which is a much easier 652 page read.

Can I finish book #6 before the nice FedEx man brings me book #7 on Saturday? (yes I’m one of those total losers who pre-ordered the book and will have it delivered on the day it is released) You bet I can! Piece of cake. I’m on page 422 right now.

So for the past couple of weeks, between book #5 and book #6, I’ve been using my free time and have been staying up until 2am, reading HP. The kids aren’t complaining much. They are still getting clothed and fed (more or less) and are getting to watch more cartoons lately. Haven is getting to play more Xbox360, that is when I’m not hogging it with my HP game. And I expect this to continue another week or so until I’m finished with book #7. (which is rumored to have 784 pages) Then it is done. Finished. No more new Harry Potter. Until, of course the next movie comes out and I find myself re-reading book #6... ditto for movie and book #7. (and their corresponding Xbox360 games)

Are my kids a little neglected lately? Yes I’m afraid so. They’ll survive though, and I’ve got several years to try to make it up to them before they fly the coop. Hopefully they won’t be too permanently scarred by my obsession with HP. I can just see it now... professional therapy down the road... “Our mother neglected us because she had Harry-itis”. I wonder if there is some sort of support group for that. My husband might need to join it too.

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