Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Current Wallpaper On My Hubby's Computer

Nice, huh? Well at least it’s my booty and not someone else’s. It seems that every time we go on a family walk and Marshall takes his camera, there is at least three pictures like this. Well yesterday I happened to walk by his computer, and THIS is his new wallpaper. What the heck? With all the beautiful pictures my hubby takes... he chooses THIS for his wallpaper. You all should check out his photography blog, by the way, to see a taste of some of the nice pictures he takes that are not of my butt.

Anyway, back to my butt. It’s looking a little big, don’t ya think? It’s not really easy for me to see my butt, as it is behind me (pun totally intended), but seeing it up on my hubby’s 20” screen makes it look pretty big. I mean, it’s always been somewhat big. I actually wrote a 6 page essay in college on my butt, entitled, “My Big Ol’ Butt” and earned myself an “A”. I wish I had a copy of it, but it was an in-class assignment and my teacher loved it so much he wanted to keep it. (Not sure what that’s about.) I wrote about the pains of having a big butt... finding jeans that fit: if they were big enough for my butt, they were too big in the waist; if they fit my waist, too tight in my butt. (Thank goodness for “curvy” jeans now, by the way) Anywho... toward the end of my essay, I turned it around to show the benefits of having a big butt: extra adipose tissue could keep me warmer on a cold day in Tallahassee; sitting for longer periods of time without getting uncomfortable due to the extra padding; if I fell and landed on my butt, I would probably be ok, etc. I ended the essay deciding a “big ol’ butt” was not so bad after all, and certainly better than having a flat butt, like my roommate.

I’ve come to accept my big butt, and certainly my hubby accepts it too. I’m just not sure what I think about it being the wallpaper on his computer.


By the way... I’m determined to keep my big butt from getting even bigger. I’ve been hitting the juice (Dr. Pepper) a little hard lately and I announced to my husband on Sunday that starting Monday, I am officially not going to drink any more Dr. Pepper until..... I decide I want to drink it again.

My attempt to only allow myself to have it on weekends changed into allowing myself to have it on days ending in “y”. I thought I’d be a little more realistic this time by saying I’m not going to drink it anymore, until I decide that I can. So far, so good. I’ve gone one whole day without it.

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