Wednesday, July 11, 2007

At Our Church On Sunday

This past Sunday was Britney Spears’ second time attending our church (that I know of). Both times she caused a commotion with all the paparazzi outside. The first time she was here, a paparazzi apparently tried to block her exit with a car, and one of her bodyguards pulled a gun on him. Exciting, huh? Thanks for bringing your gun to church, Mr. Bodyguard. Can’t you leave your gun at home when you come to church like the rest of us do?

I was aware of her attendance when her new “manny” (male nanny) sat down next to us, holding her older son (Sean Preston). I’m slightly ashamed that I recognized her son and the manny. Must be from those trashy celebrity magazines I probably shouldn’t be reading. The manny was very nice, though, and encouraged SP to say hello to Marlie. We always sit in the back row of the church, to allow for easy/quick exits with Marlie, should she decide to become loud. Britney was trying to be incognito in the cry room with the two-way mirror directly behind us. She was pretty successful too until her gun toting bodyguard with a noisy walkie talkie (which was distracting to pretty much everyone) entered the sanctuary. He opened the door of the cry room and motioned for them all to leave, escorting the group out. Too bad it was only 5 minutes after the sermon started.

What’s the point of bringing your kids and whole entourage to church if you are going to leave when the sermon starts? (unless your intent was to get photographed coming out of church with your kids). Oh hey, did I just write that?

If she comes to our church again, she should really stay for the sermon. Our pastor is really fantastic.

Lorenzo Lamas (who was sitting in the row in front of us), on the other hand, was very nice and quiet, stayed through the whole service and caused no commotion what so ever. Oh, and he looks much better now, without all that extra hair.

Disclaimer: I did not take those pictures above. I would not ambush Ms. Spears with a camera, especially at church. They are paparazzi pics I found on the internet.

I got standards. I think.

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