Wednesday, June 27, 2007

When One Bath Is Not Enough

There are some things you’d never imagine you’d need to do before you become a parent. I never thought I’d need to give my kids a shower so they could clean up after their bath. I’m sad to say I’m not so naive after yesterday evening.

Why would that even be necessary? Well, when your older son (with the sensitive gag reflex) decides it’s a good idea to stick his mouth under the water and blow bubbles in the bath water.... and then accidentally inhales/swallows too much water and end ups throwing up in the bathtub all over his little brother. Poor Seamus.

Lucky for me, Marshall is the one who cleaned the boys up in the shower because my oldest gets his sensitive gag reflex from me... which I inherited from my dad. Good thing I didn’t have the ability to pass that along to my other kids. It is NOT fun having a sensitive gag reflex and it’s even less fun raising a kid who has one too.

By the way.... my kids did not all of the sudden get younger.... this is a bath picture from 2 and 1/2 years ago... but still one of my all time favorite bath pictures. Is he picking bugs out of Haven’s hair? I don’t know.

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