Tuesday, May 22, 2007

And The Color Is...

Yes that’s right.... do not adjust your monitor. This is the real color we painted our house. And we are not ashamed! Yes our painter thinks I’m crazy. (though he has been painting for us for years, so he came to that conclusion long ago) He actually assumed we picked that color for our kids. He was shocked when I told him that, no, I picked the color for ME. Yes I realize everyone who drives by now probably assumes that I’m an old maid with 100 cats living with me.

Since we revealed our new paint colors to our friends and family, we are getting asked a couple of questions. The first one: “Why did we paint our house this color?” Because it’s my favorite color. I’m passionate about purple and because my hubby finally said yes. The next question everyone wants to know is: “What are the neighbors saying?” Well, they are all being incredibly nice to us. No hate mail (yet). Incidentally, the neighbors are all saying the exact same thing. “It will take us some time to get used to it”. Though I bet in their minds they are wishing we had a homeowner’s association right about now.

We’ve been getting a number of responses from everyone we know. Some people LOVE it. Some people don’t. The people who don’t love it usually respond with a “Wow that’s colorful” or “People won’t have trouble finding your house now”. Actually that’s true. I’ve always wanted to say when giving people directions, “We’re the purple house on your left”. Now I can! Hey, I’m even helping our neighbors out with the directions they give to their houses. Now they can say, “We’re directly across from the purple house” or “We’re right next door to the purple house”. They should be thanking us actually. We could potentially help hundreds of people find their destinations by using our house as a landmark. That’s us... just doing our part to help the community.

Speaking of being passionate about purple... it was only a matter of time, really. Our dining room is purple. Our laundry room is purple. Our back porch is purple. A chair in our living room is purple. My KitchenAid mixer is purple. Our vacuum (Dyson) is purple. Actually, I convinced myself that we needed the purple version with the “animal hair attachments” but really, I wanted it because it was purple. Come on... animal hair attachments? We have a hairless cat!!! Yes, I realize we paid an extra $100 to get a purple vacuum. I’m not ashamed. I’d have a purple washer and dryer if they made them. (instead ours are orange.) Did you know there is a website devoted to all things purple? The Purple Store. AND.... the owner loved the picture of our house and is going to feature it on their website after they update it.
What does my husband think? Does he regret allowing me to do this? He thinks it’s “super fun” and he doesn’t care if other people don’t like it. (my hubby is so awesome!)

So every time I drive up to our house now, I excitedly yell, “Hey, we have a purple house!!!”. It makes me smile. I think everyone could use a little more color in their lives. Again... just doing my part.