Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Do You Think She Scares the Neighbors?

Why am I writing about my naked kitty? Well many reasons. First of all... she is an exhibitionist and LOVES to hang in the front window of our house, so all passersby can see her nakedness in it’s full glory. Second... she is one awesome cat! Third... well, let’s just say that if I could pick one picture to describe my personality, I’d choose a picture of this kitty. Against the norm, quirky, uncommon and a little weird.

Her name is Buffy. Well, “Buffy the Mouse Slayer” is her full name, but she doesn’t really live up to that name. She’s never killed a mouse. I probably should have named her “Buffy the Cricket Slayer” because she has slayed (and eaten) lots of crickets. Moving on... she is just one of four cats that we own, but she is the one that rules the roost. She is a lap kitty and will always try to snuggle up in any lap that is available. One could argue that she is cold and is just trying to get warm... which is possible. Even though we live in Los Angeles, she does have a heated bed to sleep in year round.

Some of the questions I get about her are:

“What is that?” “Is that a dog?” “Is it sick” “Does it have cancer?”

Nope... she is just a Sphynx. And a pretty beautiful one, I might add. We rescued her from the cat show circuit. (translation: The breeder sold her to us for 1/2 price because she kept coming in 2nd place.)

A Sphynx is said to be 1 part monkey, 1 part dog, 1 part cat and 1 part child. Having had Buffy for three years now, I can see what they mean. She is a high energy kitty... sometimes bouncing off the walls, running through the house and over the furniture. She comes when you call her, and she grabs things with her paws like a monkey. She loves to perch on a shoulder, a knee or even the top of your head, occasionally.

She has no fleas... no hairballs to cough up, no shedding and is allergy friendly. She is the perfect cat!!! She does need a bath every other week or so, so she doesn’t get too oily. But... a bath takes about 2 minutes... then wipe her off and she’s dry. And no, she doesn’t like baths anymore than other kitties do. Oh, and she can’t go outside because she will get sunburned.
The love of my life kitty (who died a few years ago at the age of 15 1/2) was a regular housecat. And he was a big shedder! I vowed that the next cat (s) we got would be non-shedding or very low-shedding cats. So that’s how Buffy came to be with us. She is so unique and so much fun. For as long as I live, I hope to always have a Sphynx kitty in my life.

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