Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Joys of Diapering Two

The Top 10 Reasons Why Having Two Kids in Diapers at the Same Time is Awesome:

10. I love poop. (no not really)

9. I only have to make sure one child has used the restroom before we leave the house.

8. I can buy in bulk without worrying about having leftover diapers.

7. I can rest easy knowing I’m doing my part to support the economy, namely those who have stock in Pampers.

6. Ditto for the baby wipe stock holders.

5. The constant aroma of poop in the house... no use trying to cover it up, so I save money on potpourri.

4. Extra hand washing... could in turn help prevent the spread of illness, especially during cold and flu season.

3. No more worries about whether we produce enough trash to fill the trash bin each week.

2. Extra practice leads to super diaper changing abilities.

and the number one reason why having two kids in diapers at the same time is awesome...

1. You get sympathy from everyone when you announce that you have two in diapers.