Thursday, August 17, 2006

Last Day at Home

On July 27th, we got the phone call from our agency that we had our court date on July 18th. Our daughter has already been declared legally ours in Ethiopian Court. Our travel date is August 18th, our Embassy appointment is August 21st, and we are scheduled to meet Marlie’s surviving birth relatives, including her 4 older sisters on Saturday, August 26th. (the day before we fly home) We will be gone from August 18-28th.

Now began the rush. Rush to get our plane tickets, rush to tell my Dad and Stepmom, who will be watching our boys, so they can get their plane tickets here. Rush to get more baby clothes, travel gear, etc. at the same time as compiling lists on how to care for the boys and animals. (typical daily schedule, weekly events, animal care instructions, important numbers, mapquest printouts for every restaurant and fun place that the boys like to go, in addition to a list of what the boys will order for food and drink at each of those places) They will have their hands full between the boys and the animals (4 cats, 2 bunnies and some fish).

Then a week ago, the terror plot was foiled... we could no longer bring any carry-ons on British Airways. No electronics or carry-ons... not even a book allowed for a 30+ hour journey???? In the words of our 6 year old, “That’s a lot of ‘I Spy’ and ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ to keep yourself busy!” We purchased a hard suitcase (Pelican) for our digital camera, laptop and camcorder and I packed our bags accordingly. We let the boys cover the Pelican case with stickers. Then a few days later, they loosened restrictions. Carry-ons are now allowed in addition to electronics, so I had to re-pack... but I am not complaining. I’m relieved to be able to bring our laptop and iPods on the plane.

Our 2 year old has no idea that we are going to leave, even though I try to explain it to him every day. Our 6 year old thinks we are going to die on our trip and has had a few episodes of crying, needing to be cuddled and has also had some acting out this last week. I know they will be in good hands with my Dad and Stepmom, despite the fact that my dad keeps making statements like, “I’m thinking Lynn and I might leave a few days early to go back home, but I’m researching self-feeders for the boys, so they’ll be fine on their own.” “I’m going to get the minivan steering wheel adapted into an Xbox controller so Haven can drive himself and Seamus around town” and “I’m planning on buying the boys a drum set and a large inside dog with loose bowels while you are gone.” Yeah well, that “inside dog with loose bowels” and the drum set will have to find themselves a new home when we return.
Today my Dad and Stepmom will fly in from Orlando. They should arrive just before dinner. I’ve finished packing, the guest room is ready and I’m just about ready to start my Ethiopian adventure (with Marshall of course). We leave Friday afternoon and arrive in Ethiopia on Sunday at one o’clock in the morning. Whew! What a journey that will be! Go figure... we will be gone for 10 days, but only in Ethiopia for 7. I just consider that to be my “labor pains”. But the sweetest part of all... is that I will get to finally hold my dear baby girl in my arms on Sunday! I can hardly wait!!!!