Friday, July 7, 2006

We got "The Call"!!!

On Thursday, July 6th, at 8:12am, I got the call from our adoption agency informing us that we had a 6 month old baby girl, born Christmas Eve. Seeing as though my alarm was set for 8:30am and I was asleep prior to the ringing of the phone, it is still a bit of a blur to me as to how the conversation actually went. And no, I did not mind at all having “The Call” wake me up! It was something to the effect of, “Julie, you have a daughter! And she’s absolutely beautiful!!!

Our Social Worker asked me to grab a pen and paper so she could give me the details about our new daughter. She spelled out our daughter’s given name. Faranje Fayye. Since there are no surnames in Ethiopia, everyone uses their father’s first name as their last name. “Fayye” would be her first father’s name. We had always intended to name her “Marlie” (combination of Marshall and Julie), but we were waiting to see what name she came with before deciding on her middle name. “Marlie Fayye” will be her name.

Our Social Worker went on to tell me that she was chubby, and only the second chubby baby she’s ever seen come into their orphanage. She said she would email me pictures as soon as we got off the phone. We were expecting a malnourished baby, so to hear that our baby was chubby says to me that she was well cared for before she came to the orphanage.

Then she went on to tell me about our daughter’s history. She is a true orphan. Both parents are deceased. She has four older sisters who the aunt and uncle will raise. So young in life and already she has faced so much loss. It’s hard to balance the joy we feel with the sadness over the loss she has experienced.

After the phone call, I got the email with her pictures. I was elated (and relieved) to find that she is indeed beautiful!!! I worried before I had each of my three kids that they would be ugly (don’t all parents?), but I’ve been blessed with three beautiful children. I love Marlie’s dark eyes. They look so smart. I love her little round face... can’t wait to kiss those cheeks! I love the little curls hanging over her ponytail holders. She’s just perfect! I told Marshall the news that he was the Daddy of a baby girl (he was at work) and emailed the pictures to him. He was so filled with emotion, that he was at a loss for words.

Today we got the referral acceptance papers, which we promptly signed, notarized and overnighted back to the agency. There is still a small chance we can get a court date before the courts close on Aug. 8th. If we get a court date in time, we will travel to Ethiopia and pick up our daughter sometime in August. If we don’t get a court date in time, we will not be able to pick her up until late September/early October. We are praying that we get that court date in time!!! We can’t wait to hold our baby girl in our arms.

Update: In the end, we found ourselves unable to part with either part of Marlie’s original name. We didn’t want to erase any part of her history. We ultimately chose to keep both her first and last names as part of her name. She is Marlie Faranje Fayye.